Manicure Station

With this manicure station, there will be no more messy nails. The Manicure Station's steady base holds your hand and fingernail securely in place for a perfect polish. There are 20 different settings for assorted sized nails. The rotating pre-cut nail guide disc and supportive hand steadying base make it easy to achieve mess-free, expert quality nails at home without spending money on manicure packages. 


  • 100% brand new and high quality!
  • Nail Perfect Polishing your nails yourself can be messy, but with nail perfect is the solution for salon perfect beautiful nails every time.
  • Simply slide each fingernail into the slots size lot and apply the polishing.
  • The slots will fit any size nail.
  • Nail perfect is so quick and easy to paint your nails, you could paint them with your eyes closed!
  • The disc gives you a perfect base to steady your hand so even complicated manicures like french manicures are made simple. You too save a lot of money on expensive salon visits and get a perfect polishing every time.
  • Nail perfect is great for kids, cool teenagers, moms, daughters, or friends!!