Magic Brush

Cleans fast with less effort using this Magic Brush. The brush is used to clean the surface of ceramics, bathtub, washing basin. It's attached with 3 different effective dirt removing accessories. The brush is to clean the dirt or smear on the surface & joint of tiles. The sponge is especially used for parts that tend to be scratched. The powder-attach is for final-touch ornament.


  • Handy power scrubber for cleaning tub, table, washing basin, kitchen, toilet without all the work.

  • Humanity Design-Premium ABS Plastic Handle, Detachable Electric Scrubber Brush with 3 interchangeable brush heads, the soft sponge brush head is suitable for cleaning the fragile goods, the polyester sherpa brush is suitable for cleaning sofas and carpets, and the hard Nylon Brush is suitable for cleaning kitchen, tub, tiles and so on.

  • Automatic Brush-It is an electric one, works with 4*AA battery(The 4*AA battery is not included), it works fast and quickly, save your time to doing cleaning and you will never feel too tired to do the cleaning.

  • There is a water absorbent PVA towel comes with the powerful Scrubber Brush, you can use it to wipe the goods you have cleaned up. If you do not use the Scrubber Brush, you can hang it with the brush holder.

  • Size:17*22.5*7.5cm Weight: 400 Gram, 100% Money Back Guarantee.