Ice Cool Shooters

Shots imply that things are going to get a little rowdy. The Ice Cool Shooters guarantees a night that everyone will forget.

If the party is poppin’, the Ice Cool Shooters can make as many glasses as necessary. Freeze a round of glasses, remove them from the mold, and store in an airtight container.

The morning after your shot party will only be a headache if you’re hungover. There are no dirty dishes when nature disposes of them for you. Added bonus – It is okay if they are dropped on the floor. It is a scientific fact that drunk people break stuff. Ice everywhere > shards of glass everywhere.

Each shot glass holds one ounce of liquid and can be used more once. The number of times a glass can be reused depends on the turnaround time and the temperature of the air and the liquid. This is common sense, but after multiple shots, things may not be so simple anymore.


  • PARTY TIME- Make your own edible shot glass from ice, candy melt candy, gelatin, cookie dough, crisped rice cereal treats and more

  • CONVENIENT - No need to pre-chill the liquor. No washing or storing of glassware

  • DURABLE- Food-grade silicone creates the perfect shot glass

  • ENOUGH- Makes enough for everyone, just remove glasses from mold and store in the freezer

  • EASY TO CLEAN- Mold is easy to clean, dishwasher safe makes 4 glasses