Dreaming Travel Pillow

In airplanes you have to remain seated to sleep and gravity will always pull your head forward. While most of the cushions try to prevent this natural movement, we thought that we should follow it, and lean forward with a pillow supporting the head and upper body, like in a portable massage chair.With the cabin luggage restrictions, who would want another bulky pillow?


Dreaming Travel Pillow is inflatable, light as a smartphone, so you can take it anywhere.



  •  Cozy Surface and Natural Sleeping Position

  •  Skin Friendly

  •  Allows Easy Breathing

  •  Supports Neck and Shoulder Muscles

  •  Developed by Osteopaths and Physicians

  •  Inflates and Deflates in 5 Seconds

  •  Works everywhere (Train, Bus, Office, School, etc.)

  •  Hand-Washable and Antibacterial