ComfySeat® - Baby Support Seat

Need to stabilise your Infant's back?! This is the Perfect way to give your Baby the support they needed!

As charming and snuggly as your infant seems to be, you'll have to put him or her down in the long run. If baby is not in your arms, you'll need to place him or her in the ComfySeat - Baby Support Seat! This seat gives your infant the help he or she needs to figure out how to sit up individually. Your infant will have the opportunity to serenely watch his or her environment, develop skills, and enjoy with the family. 


  • 360 degrees of comfortable support for your newborn baby. This safely wraps your baby in plush comfort as they observe their surroundings

  • Attached seat bottom - Prevents your infant from sliding onto the floor

  • The upright position helps prevent against after-meal reflux and helps stabilize your infants back, core and legs, while they learn to sit up 

  • Two Toy attachments (hanging holes)- perfect for floor time activities that develop sensory and motor skills, your baby can play with protection (toys not included)

  • Very lightweight and portable and can be used anywhere. This provides your baby with a soft place to sit anywhere

  • Made from PP cotton filling, plush and high-quality polyester. This is super soft.


  • Bottom length: 45cm (17.7 inches)

  • Width: 40cm (15.7 inches)

  • Suitable for baby's 3-10 months